State of the Blog

State of the Blog
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May 2022

Well, here we are. The new look/soft relaunch of my blog is courtesy of switching hosting services. This blog used to be run on Wix. A very good hosting service that allowed a lot of customization but is an expensive one. For a hobby, hosting on Wix simply cost too much. So, that's why I decided to switch to Blogger. Not as fancy but well suited for my purposes and free to boot, without any ceiling on storage. 

This switch has taken quite a bit of work. Migrating all my old posts wasn't a difficult process thanks to the backups I made but it did take quite a while to get all of them over 1:1. Well, not 1:1 exactly. I did make a few changes. I changed most of the titles to remove the 'Let's Talk About' starter to make them more appealing. I also made some minor adjustments and corrections here and there. 

The blog is now mostly back up again, though I'm still working on things. Custom redirects from the old links to the new ones, for starters. That's something I wished I knew about earlier. I wouldn't have removed all the links in the posts if I had known about custom redirects, but oh well. Too late to change that now. 

I'm also working on adding a dedicated 'subscribe' button. There is a 'follow' button currently present on the homepage but this only works if you have a Google account. An Email subscription button would be available to anyone. 

What's new to this version? Not much. A better to find Privacy Policy to comply with guidelines, an archive feautre and the 'Wall of Gaming'. A page that shows all the games I've played this year, from my favourite to least favourite. Not something I think will get a lot of visitors but something I just really wanted to implement! At the very least, it'll make my top 10 games I played in 2022 easier to put together. 

Lastly, I do want to use this new version of the blog to try and give it a second wind. Be more active on social media in general and focus more on gaming. There's still going to be comic-book related stuff, but only on occasion. For all intended purposes, this is from this moment forward a gaming blog. That's what I enjoy writing about the most and that's what is read the most. I hope you comic lovers out there understand. 

For now, that is all. So, by all means, enjoy the new blog!

Your writer,
F.T. Wolf