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  • F.T. Wolf

Let’s Talk About Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Updated: Jul 2

and why I’m hesitant to buy it.

So about a month ago, from when I'm writing this that is, the newest entry in the Animal Crossing franchise finally hit the Nintendo Switch and the game has since taken the world by storm. It has been selling out everywhere and social media is positively abuzz with Animal Crossing posts, GIFS and memes. People who don't usually play these type of games and even people who don't play games at all have made the dive and now playing and enjoying the game. This unprecedented level of success is mostly the result of the world current affairs.

The Corona pandemic has forced many people into spending their days at home and are looking for ways to get through this period. Animal Crossing, as a life simulation game, benefits from this situation by providing people with the perfect escape. Up to release, I was thinking about buying the game as well. I played Animal Crossing: Wild World on the DS way back in the day and I remember enjoying it. However, now that the game has released I find myself hesitant to actually buy the game even though it has been critically acclaimed by critics and so many others around me are enjoying. This has one simple reason: Animal Crossing isn't like other games, it's like a commitment and one that I currently don't have time for.

Animal Crossing is a game that's meant to be played in small chunks every single day. You pop it in, do some fishing, collect some bugs, sell some turnips and place the game down when you're done and come back later to do it all over again. It's a very relaxed game that lasts as long as the player wants as it doesn't have a definitive end. It features a real-lifetime system, with the game keeping track of the real-world calendar which the game's mechanics are directly tied into. It takes several days for a tree to grow for example and certain events like the resent Bunny Day only appears depending on the exact date. It's this exact same model that is hindering me from playing it, or more accurately, the penal