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  • F.T. Wolf

Let's Talk About Paper Mario: The Origami King

Updated: Jun 19

Nintendo just revealed a brand-new game in the Paper Mario series, so let's discuss it!

So yeah, not long after Nintendo's financial results and an investor briefing, where they mentioned they had a slew of unannounced games in the pipeline, Nintendo does what Nintendo does best by dropping something on us out of left-field. Even if it there had been rumours going around the internet for a month or two about a new Paper Mario game, which I talked about myself before, the announcement of a new Paper Mario game was a welcoming surprising nonetheless. Instead of including it in a Direct as most people expect Nintendo nowadays the game was revealed by dropping a trailer online together alongside a brief press announcement.

Paper Mario has not been the most well known or even successful of the Mario side-series, but it has definitely been one of the most unique. I learned about the Paper Mario series through one of my current favourite YouTubers, Arlo, and the series has been on my radar because of his work. The most recent games, Sticker Star and Color Splash don't look very appealing to me but the earlier games like The Thousand-Year Door with their more unique story and pronounced RPG elements do. The reveal trailer of The Origami King is an absolute delight that, to me, feels more like those earlier games from what I know about them and already gives me a good amount of things to talk about.

It starts off rather ominous, with a large and seemingly heavy door slowly opening to reveal an origami-style Princess Peach. She asks Mario if he will 'crease himself and be reborn'. After he answers with a 'No' she tells him that 'replies matter not' and opens a trap door under Mario's feet dropping him into darkness. This opening section alone is what hooked me. The entire sequence ominous, unnerving and seeing what appears to be a brainwashed and evil princess Peach is just so different from what I'm used to seeing in a Mario game. After this a quick sequence giving y