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  • F.T. Wolf

Let’s Talk About the future of DC Universe & Young Justice in particular

Updated: Jun 5

The future of the streaming service is, and has been for quite a while, uncertain.

Last week it was announced that Stargirl was renewed for a 2nd season, but it did come with a catch. The show will leave the DC Universe streaming service and become a CW exclusive. With this, the streaming service has lost yet another one of its exclusive shows and its future, which has been uncertain for a while now, is put into question once more. Launching back in September of 2018, it’s a bit of a surprise the service is even still alive considering its high price tag, low amount of original shows and it not being available overseas. I’ve seen many outlets cover the Stargirl news and seen them write articles about the future of DC Universe but I also noticed something that made my heart bleed. None of these articles even mentioned Young Justice. There was a lot of talk about Titans, Harley Quinn and Doom Patrol but Young Justice was nowhere to be seen. It’s a good show, way better than the service’s ‘juggernaut’ Titans and it deserves to be talked about yet for a few reasons (which I will get into) it isn’t really. Well, if other outlets won’t talk about Young Justice, I will!

The decline of DC Universe

First, though, let’s get my view on the future of DC Universe itself out of the way. With how it’s going right now, I don’t think DC Universe has a long future ahead of it. It has done quite well for itself, all things considered, but now that HBO Max exists I don’t think there isn’t any good reason anymore for DC Universe to exist. Not the way it currently does at least. HBO MAX is everything that DC Universe is, but not gathered solely on DC content. In other words: it has DC content, alongside a wellspring of others. With both Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn on the service, it already has a third of the DC Universe original shows. With the