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  • F.T. Wolf

Let´s Talk About why I dislike DC´s current direction

DC comics hasn´t been doing so hot and the way they´re attempting to get back on top isn´t really agreeing with me.

If you´ve been paying attention to DC Comics as a company (dive a little deeper into it beyond just reading their comic books) you'll know that they're not in the greatest shape. And haven't been for a while. The New 52 started off strong but quickly fell off both critically and commercially. Any attempts to rejuvenate the line, like Rebirth, have only managed a temporary boost. There have been many behind the scene shakeups as well like the firing of Dan DiDio and the retooling of 5G into Future State. And unlike Marvel, it doesn't have the most successful movie franchise or a company that has more money than God to support it.

In short DC Comics is on very thin ice. They are attempting to rejuvenate the line once more which they are doing in a way, they do it by taking a direction. A direction I dislike and I feel opens them up to more problems and isn't any different from what they've done before. Doing my research for this article, however, I think that I've found the reason for DC doing some of the things they're doing and it has everything to do with copyright laws and the public domain.

Let's dive in!