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  • F.T. Wolf

Let's talk about Marvel's Outlawed.

Updated: Jul 2

Recently, at the time of this writing, Marvel Comics launched Outlawed, the start to their new event which pits teen Heroes against the government after they are literally outlawed. When the event was first announced and when leading up to its release more and more information became available, I became progressively worried. The event seemed to encompass multiple comic book clichés that I personally heavily dislike. From what seems a 'dark and realistic' storyline to the solicitations of the Champions follow up book listing a 'spy/traitor' my hopes weren't high. After reading the issue, however, most of my worries have been alleviated, though some others have come up as well. Allow me to explain.

Written by Eve L. Ewing, Art by Kim Jacinto

Outlawed switches between two narratives: a congressional hearing about a certain superhero-related incident and the Champions on a mission to protect Ailana Kabua, whose clearly based of Greta Thunberg, after she received a series of death threats. Turns out, the mission didn't go so well. The Champions get overwhelmed by an attacking dragon and its backup of gunmen and due to poor communication between the heroes, Viv Vision blows up causing massive property damage and landing Kamala Khan in a coma. As a result of this, it becomes illegal to be a superhero under the age of 21 and a task force to hunt down teen heroes is instated. The parallels between Outlawed and the start of Civil War are undeniable. Both feature an incident caused by a group of young heroes, resulting in a ban against (certain) superheroes and the promise of heroes coming to blow with each other. The difference is that in Outlawed, the focus is put more on the characters themselves then the event.

Civil War, but with teenagers

In Civil War, the New Warriors cause the deaths of hundreds of people by seeking out a supervillain in hiding for fame and recognition. In Outlawed it's a regular mission gone wrong that results in the incident that starts. This makes it much easier for the reader to sympathise with the Champions than the New Warriors. We understand the m