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  • F.T. Wolf

Review: Lucifer: Pilot

Updated: May 16

Welcome one and all, to the third entry in the Month of Lucifer! For the last two weeks, I've focused on Lucifer's origin in the Sandman graphic novels where this interpretation of the devil originated. I took a look at his very first appearance within the Sandman and followed that up with Lucifer's first solo series. With only one week to go before Season 5A drops on Netflix, I think it's time for me to make the jump the show itself. Let's keep to the theme I set with the other posts, Lucifer's first…, and take a look at the show's pilot episode. Let's dive in, shall we?

Los Angeles 2016 AD. After ruling hell for thousands of years, Lucifer Morningstar (the devil himself) is tired of playing a part in God's play and has taken a vacation to earth 5 years ago. He now runs a successful nightclub named Lux and spends his day partying, granting 'favours' to humans and using is celestial powers to find out their deepest and darkest desires. After returning to his club his conversation with Maze, a demon who followed Lucifer from Hell to Earth is interrupted when time slows down marking the arrival of his brother Amenadiel. His brother informs him that his return to the Underworld has been requested and after a tense conversation leaves Lux. Blowing off some steam outside, Lucifer runs into the famous pop-singer, Delilah.

Delilah used to sing at his club and Lucifer granted her a favour and introduced her to some key people within the music industry and jumpstarting her career. Delilah has returned to Lux as her career has hit a low point, drugs and sex scandals for one. After a talk, Lucifer ins the favour Delilah owns her and asks her to turn her life around. While Delilah intends to do so, she sadly doesn't get the chance to. She's killed while walking home through a drive-by shooting. Lucifer is pissed at her death and decides to have a little chat with the dying shooter (who got hit by a bus while trying to escape the scene) who informs him that he only pulled the trigger. Later, he's questioned by the detective assigned to the case, Chloe Decker. Lucifer is unhappy with the way the cops are investigating the case and decides