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  • F.T. Wolf

Review: Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Updated: May 1

Running Havoc.

Console: PlayStation 2

Growing up as a kid, the first game console that entered the household was a Playstation 2. One of my brother's friends had a PS2 and he completely fell in love with and eventually got one for his communion. While the PS2 belonged to my brother, my mother did tell him that I could play on it once in a while as well. To make sure that there was something for me to play, she got the platinum edition of Rayman 3. Before I got myself my own console in the form of a white Nintendo DS lite (which I still have to this day, though it is on its last leg) the PS2 was there for my gaming needs, mostly Rayman. I played that game for hours and hours but never could quite beat it. I was always stuck around mid-way through the story at the 'Dessert of the Knaaren' so I just always restarted the game to play those first few levels over and over again. After I got myself that DS a few years later I played on the PS2 less and less to the point that I pretty much stopped playing on it altogether.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I started booting the console up again. As my brother didn't really have a need for the PS2 while I have been gaming more and more, he gifted it to me. With the PS2 now in my possession, I pledged myself that I would accomplish what my 8-year-old self could not: finish Rayman 3 and review it while I was at it. I wanted to know what lay beyond the desert and was interested to see how the game faired all of these years later. After replaying it all these years ago, I can say that Rayman 3 is a fun action-platformer with a lot of personality, but it's certainly not perfect and is plagued by some inherent problems a