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  • F.T. Wolf

Review: Drawn to Life: Two Realms

Updated: Apr 24

Drawn to life is back, though sadly without the spark of the original.

Console: Nintendo Switch

In November of last year, a game was announced in a series that I thought would never receive a new entry: Drawn to Life. The original Drawn to Life was released on the Nintendo DS in 2007. The game puts the player in the role of the ‘creator’ in the world of the cat/fox/dog like Raposa. As the creator, you’re capable of creating all different kinds of objects and even creatures in the Raposa world by drawing them on the DS’s touchscreen. You, using your own created ‘hero’ are tasked by free a cursed village from the rising darkness. You do this by using your drawing ability in conjunction with making you way across the world through platforming levels.

The game was successful, spawning a multiplatform sequel and a spin-off/crossover with Spongebob Squarepants. Unfortunately for fans like me, Drawn to Life’s developer THQ filed for bankruptcy in 2013, essentially dooming the series. Until that faithful announcement last November that 505 Games had acquired the franchise and was releasing a new entry in the series: Is Drawn to Life: Two Realms. I’m sad to say though that Two Realms isn’t the triumphant return of the series that many might have hoped for. It’s a very mixed bag of a game that has a lot to love but also a lot of frustrating elements and design decisions that bring the whole experience down.

To help you better understand the premise of Two Realms I do feel I need to tell you the ending of the previous Drawn to Life game. The ending of the last game in the series, the Next Chapter, revealed that the entire world of the Raposa was nothing more than imaginary coma world of the lone human in the game, Mike. He landed in a coma after a car accident (which also killed his parents) and the game ends with him finally waking up. Drawn to Life: Two Realms is set four years after this devastating ending. The Raposa have been relegated to his subconscious, though are still alive and have been busy expanding their village. The darkness, however,