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  • F.T. Wolf

Review: Justice League: Prisms (#59-#63)

Also Featuring Justice League Dark!

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis & Ram V (backups) Art by: David Marquez & Xermanico (backups).

Justice League: Prisms is the first JLA story from the mind of Brian Michael Bendis, creator of Miles Morales AKA Spider-Man. Bendis's work since he went from the House of Ideas to DC Comics has been mixed. Naomi: Season 1 is stellar and still at my personal top of Superhero stories. His Superman runs though, hasn't been that well-received which I do understand.

So, how does he fare on Justice League, a book where he combined both alongside other DC staples like Batman and Aquaman? And how is the Justice League Dark story that has been this book's backup? Justice League: Prisms is an enjoyable, but doubtlessly mixed effort.

Let's dive in.

Justice League: Prisms

It's a normal day in Kahndaq, the nation ruled by Black Adam until a hulking brute jumps out of a portal and attacks. It isn't before long that the fight between the two draws the attention of the Justice League. They lay the smackdown on the interloper, who decides it's best to retreat back to his own dimension. Back at HQ, the League analyses the data of the fight and matches the interdimensional visito