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  • F.T. Wolf

Review: Superman & Lois Season 1

Updated: Aug 29

Saving the world starts at home.

Superman & Lois is the newest series in the CW's and DC's shared TV superhero universe, the Arrowverse. The Arroweverse sadly has been on the decline for a while now. There has been a missed season here and there before the big Crisis on Infinite Earths but since the crossover, the shows just haven't been that great. While Batwoman season 2 is an improvement of the first, it's still far from excellent and The Flash season 7 might just be the worst outing of the series.

In these dark days for the Arrowverse, true to form for its principal character, Superman & Lois swoops in to save the day. It's a breath of fresh air for these shows, not just in production but also for the character of Superman.

Let's dive in.

Superman & Lois follow you guessed it, Superman & Lois. These versions of the character are a bit older. They've been married for something close to 20 years and have two children, the twins Jonathan and Jordan. Even for the Man of Steel and the world's greatest reporter, life is still life. After the Daily Planet gets bough by Billionaire and self-made mogul Morgan Edge Cla