Schedule January 2021

Note:  Due to my new job there will only be 1 scheduled post each week. I do want to try and do more, get non-gaming related posts out there, but that entirely depends on how much time I have on my hands. 


01/01 - Let´s Talk About My top 9 most anticipated games 2022 games
08/01 - Let's Talk About My top 5 best games of 2021
15/01 - Let's Talk About My top 5 worst games of 2021
22/01 - Review: Pokémon the Series: Diamond & Pearl
29/01 - Review:
Super Mario 64

As always, the below schedule is subject to change. When a change occurs I will change the schedule to reflect this change though this can sometimes take a while. 

I hope there's something here that interest you and be sure to keep checking back for any potential changes. And next month's schedule of course, when the 1st of a new Month rolls around!


Your Writer, 
F.T. Wolf



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