Let's Talk About all upcoming new DC superhero shows

From the Arrowverse to HBO Max shows.

A few weeks ago, I had a nice little chat with a follower to be. He had asked me about if I thought we might get a Green Lantern show on the CW, no doubt thinking about that John Diggle Green Lantern teases in Arrow's series finale. I replied with a 'no'. I don't think the CW has the budget for one (with all the GCI and outer space and all that) and with HBO Max is already working on one. He replied that he was unaware that HBO Max was already working on one but he looking forward to it now that he did. This simple conversation got me thinking. With how much superhero content out there these days, it's keeping up with everything that out there right now let alone all of the stuff that's being worked on. So I decided then and there that I would help people along a little and compile a list of DC properties that were currently being worked on.

That list is what you're now reading. To be a little bit more specific, this list compiles all of the upcoming DC TV shows that as the time of this writing are confirmed to be in one development stage or another. Existing shows with new seasons in the making, like The Flash or Young Justice, aren't listed here because those are much more well known and I've talked about those (particular the CW shows) already. As for many of these shows its also not certain that they will actually make it to series, I'll also discuss what I think these shows chances are. You know, for funsies. With all of that said, here are all of the upcoming brand-new DC TV shows in no particular order at all. 

Let's dive in!

Superman & Lois

From all the shows on this list, Superman & Lois is the only series on this list with a set premiere date: January 2021. The show is the newest series set within the CW's Arrowverse and will follow, you guessed it, Superman and Lois Lane. Both characters have already debuted within the Arrowverse. Superman was an unseen presence throughout Supergirl season 1 before finally appearing in the flesh in season 2. Lois Lane was first seen in the flesh a few seasons later during the Elseworlds crossover. The show will follow Clarks and Lois's daily lives after Crisis on Infinite Earths. As the show has been in development for a while now and premiering (relatively speaking) soon, there's already a lot we know about the series so I won't say much more here. Just now that the series will have a heavy focus on Lois and Clark as parents and that it will focus on the two of them being parents to a set of teenage twins. If you like the Arrowverse, you'll most likely dig this show as well. If not? It might be a bit of a harder sell. There's already plenty of the CW's style (melodrama, for one) to be found in the description alone, so if that isn't your cup of tea I don't think this show will be for you.

Chances: has already been ordered straight to series, we're getting this one folks!

Green Arrow & the Canaries

The second of the two CW shows, though this one hasn't been picked up yet. Green Arrow & the Canaries a spin-off of the recently ended Arrow. It's set in the future Star City of 2046 and will follow Oliver's daughter Mia as she becomes the new Green Arrow under the mentorship of both the earth-1 and earth-2 Black Canaries. As a direct spin-off, the groundwork of the show is already there. Black Canary has been present in the Arrowverse, in one form or another, since Arrow season 2 and Mia Queen herself got introduced and was the focus of seasons 7 & 8's flashforwards. It even got its own backdoor pilot episode in the latter, so you can check that out if you want to get a taste of what the show might bring. Personally, I think the chances of Green Arrow & the Canaries getting a series order is slim. Yes, it has the backdoor pilot and the history and lore of Arrow working in its favour, but the CW slate is already bursting with superhero content. We haven't heard anything about the show for quite a while now. The current situation is definitely to blame for this, but comments made by the spin-offs creator Marc Guggenheim shows he's quite nervous which implies that its chances aren't that great. I might be wrong here, but I'd be surprised if I was.

Chances: I'd say the odds are against it.

Update (09-01-2021)

On January 8th 2021, the CW officially passed on Green Arrow & the Canaries.


Before we get into the big chunk of DC series HBO Max is currently developing, we still have the single DC Universe original that's still in development; BizzaroTV. The show is described as a comedy anthology show. The series will be a mix of different styles, from animation to live-action to puppetry and will focus on obscure DC characters. Which characters you might ask? Well, among the confirmed cast are Ambush Bug, the Creeper and Space Cabbie just to give you an idea. I wouldn't be surprised if a character like Snowflame would make it on to the show as well. BizzaroTV sounds a lot like Robot Chicken and if you're a fan of that show (and DC of course) I think it's a show that should be on your radar. High chances that with the future of DC Universe so uncertain at the moment, which I've talked about not that long ago, it'll probably switch over to another platform but as the announcement was made quite a while ago I am certain that the show will definitely see the light of day.

Chances: around 60/40 in its favour.

Green Lantern

While DC Universe was marketed as the place for all of (new) DC content, with the arrival of HBO MAX, this service has basically all but overtaken this aspect. This is most clear in the amount of DC shows HBO MAX is currently developing, with a whopping 5 series currently in development. The first of those that was announced is a show about the Green Lanterns. Head-lined by Greg Berlanti (because it worked out so well the first time I guess) and produced by Geoff Johns and is said to be of a cinematic level of quality. the show is reportedly about "two stories about Green Lanterns on Earth" and will "span several decades". The only character confirmed for the show is Sinestro, but the last statement makes me confident that we'll see the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, as well. With the show already getting a tease in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and the number of resources HBO Max has, reportedly, put in the project this is another one that will surely make its way to our screens.

Chances: while there's no indication that it has gotten a full series order, I don't think it has anything to worry about.

Justice League Dark

Fitting very neatly right next to the Green Lantern show is the Justice League Dark project. A Justice League Dark movie had been in the work for years but has never really managed to get off the ground. We did get an animated Justice League Dark movie a few years ago, but that was a project separate from the planned live-action movie. Now though, this project finally seems to be taking form. HBO Max has given, reportedly I might add, a 'production commitment' to produce both this Justice League Dark movie and a TV show, with just like Green Lantern having a cinematic level of quality and to top it all off with famous director J.J. Abrams attached to it. It might seem a bit weird that HBO Max would be working on both a movie and TV series about the property at the same time, but as you'll see later down the list, it's not the only one. With HBO Max specifically stating that Justice League Dark has gotten a 'production commitment' instead of direct confirmation of the series being in development and the already troubled production history I wouldn't call the show a 'certainty'. I also don't think that they would announce J.J. Abrams involvement if they weren't at least confident in getting the show off the ground. With DC Fandome only a few weeks away, it probably won't be long until we hear more.

Chances: with the properties history in mind my guess it's about 50/50.

DC Super Hero High

Now we're getting into the odd stuff again. DC Super Hero High (not to be confused with DC Super Hero Girls like the search engines kept doing) is a comedy show which follows a group of students at a boarding school trying to navigate teenage life. The twist? They're destined to become legendary DC Super Heroes. The series is being executive produced by Elizabeth Banks and is slated to premiere sometime in 2021. There's not much known about the series yet beyond this, other than that the show will have 30-minutes episodes and was revealed alongside HBO Max teenage focused line-up. This has led me to believe that DC Super Hero High will be the HBO Max's equivalent to original live-action Nickelodeon shows like ICarly and Victorious. I don't have anything concrete to support this theory, but all of the marketing and descriptions I've read about the show just radiates this type of aura. To me at least. I don't even think it would be such a bad idea if that's the direction the show goes in. The format is popular for a reason, it would diversify DC portfolio and above all else, I just think it would be interesting to see how DC would pull off this type of show.

Chances: there's not much known about the show (yet), but with a concrete release date and Elizabeth Banks attached I think we'll see it happen.

DC's Strange Adventures

The other odd-ball in the HBO Max lineup (in my opinion at least) is Strange Adventures based on the comic book with the same name. As per the official description that came alongside its announcement, the show will be anthology series exploring close-ended morality tales about the intersecting lives of mortals and superhumans. I never read the comic series myself, but from what I've heard it was similar to the Twilight Zone so expect something like that here. Greg Berlanti, who executive produces the show, has said that the show's stories will also be cautionary tales which sounds a lot like Black Mirror if you ask me. That's basically what you can expect from the show: a mix of the Twilight Zone and Black Mirror with superheroes. Not a bad pitch. Both shows are quite unique and have a following. I do worry that DC and HBO Max won't be able to pull off the twists and social/political commentary those shows are known for but who knows, maybe they will manage it.

Chances: I'm feeling optimistic about this one, I feel like it'll make it to a full series no problem.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis

I remember this show getting announced, not long after Aquaman had ended its run in theatre, but I had honestly already completely forgotten about it. Aquaman: King of Atlantis is set to be a 3-episode animated mini-series about Aquaman. It's headlined by Aquaman's director James Wann and will focus on Arthur Curry during his first few days as Atlantis's king. In case James Wann's involvement didn't tip you off already, the show is set to be a part of the DCEU. We don't know if anyone from the movie will reprise their roles for the series (I personally doubt it) but we have gotten some other production updates. The shows has found its composer for example, which means that the show's production has been moving along quite nicely even with everything that's currently going on in the world. Everyone who enjoyed the movie and wants to know what happened after the credits rolled (until its sequel comes out that is) should have this show on the radar.

Chances: It's coming. No doubt about it.

'Gotham P.D.'

The final show on the horizon is one that has only been announced a couple of days ago. It's so new in fact that it doesn't even have a proper name yet! The Batman movie might have had to halt its production due to the global crisis, but that doesn't mean the team behind it have been sitting still. Produced by The Batman's director Matt Reeves promises to "build upon the motion picture's examination of the anatomy of corruption in Gotham City" and "further explore the myriad of compelling and complex characters of Gotham," to launch a "new Batman universe across multiple platforms." Lots of buzzwords there. To boil it all down: the show is set before the movie and focuses on the Gotham Police Department and how a corrupt organization it is then. To be honest, I feel like DC is counting their chickens before they've hatched with this one. The movie isn't even out yet and they're already making a spin-off. I mean, there's being confident and then there's just being cocky. Oh well, nothing I can do about that other than just wait and see where it'll lead to.

Chances: Really depends on if the movie does well.


That's that. Those were all of the upcoming new DC TV shows that have been announced. Eight shows are currently in the works, that quite a lot isn't it? Personally, I don't really know what to think of it. There are some shows here that sound interesting and others that don't or are I either find odd that they would make a show about it. Still, looking at this line-up I am a little amazed to see how far superhero properties have come. It used to be that superhero was a genre. That the whole selling point of your show used to be that it was a superhero show. Nowadays though, just being a superhero show isn't enough anymore. Their approach as being a teenage drama for example just set within a superhero world with superhero characters. It's a subtle chance that not everybody might see, but it's quite a big one if you start to think about it and one I quite like.

Update (19-09-2020)

It has been confirmed that DC Universe will transition to a comic only service, renamed DC Universe Infinite, while all of the original shows,will transition over to HBO Max. How this affect all of the shows that are in development is currentely unkown.