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  • F.T. Wolf

Review: Batwoman Season 2

Find your power.

Since I figured out the trick of using a VPN to get into the CW TV website I can watch the CW shows that aren't on Dutch Netflix. Batwoman season 2 was the show I checked out first. The first season was that one Arrowverse show I couldn't watch and with the casting change, it was also a good moment to start this show without needing to watch that first outing.

Now that the season is over, what did I think of it? Is Batwoman season 2 worth watching?

I think it isn't a bad show like many like to scream, but it's not particularly great on either.

Let's dive in.

While returning on a trip from Metropolis the plane of Kate Kane, cousin of Bruce Wayne and secretly Batwoman explodes and crashes into the Gotham River. Kate's body isn't found but the bat suit is; by a homeless Ryan Wilder. She takes up the suit and the mantle of Batwoman and while the rest of the Bat-team, especially Luke, is initially hesitant she quickly makes the suit and the role her own. And it's good that she did because Gotham really needs a hero. Hush is impersonating Bruce Wayne with the intent to take of Wayne Enterprises, Kate's sister Alice is still on the loose, a drug epidemic is waging on the streets and t