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  • F.T. Wolf

Let’s Talk About the Arrowverse; the first half of 2021

Updated: May 19

The Arrowverse is nearing a make or break moment. Which one it’ll be is up in the air.

It’s that time again: the time I feel liking talking about DC’s little universe of superhero shows over at The CW. The last time I jumped into the Arrowverse was back in February when I gave my thoughts on the first three episodes of Batwoman Season 2 with the lead change and all. Now though, I’ll be discussing the entire slate of shows of the current season. Why? Because quite frankly, I feel that the Arrowverse is nearing a point at which it’ll either sink or swim. Let’s dive in.

Declining Viewership

Let’s start with the bad. The viewership isn’t anything to really write home about. Thanks to the website TV Series Finale which keeps track of the viewership and the demo, we can see that Arrowverse shows have been lower across the board this season. Batwoman has it the worst. Viewership of season 2 is down by 45% compared to last season. Basically, its audience has halved. Even The Flash, the CW’s steady workhorse for years now, can’t even crack the million mark anymore averaging 0.958 Million viewers.