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  • F.T. Wolf

Let´s Talk About the Nintendo Switch VS the Steam Deck

Pitting Nintendo´s handheld/home console hybrid againts Steams upcoming 'portable PC'.

Only a week after Nintendo announced its updated Switch model, the Switch OLED, a new competitor when it comes to handheld gaming has entered the ring. Valve has announced the Steam Deck, a $399 gaming portable designed to take PC games on the go. With its higher specs, the ability to play basically every digital PC game and 'only' 50,- more expensive than the Switch OLED it has already been called the 'Switch Killer'. I don't agree with this sentiment. Yes, the Steam Deck has its appeal and has potential but things aren't as cut and dry as I've seen people suggest. So, instead of just going over the Steam Deck itself like a thousand others, I'm spicing it up a bit by comparing it more directly to its handheld competitor.

Let's dive in.

An introduction to the Steam Deck.

First, though, we got to introduce the